What Is A Starseed?

So, what is a Starseed anyway?  Very simply put, a Starseed is a person whose soul originated elsewhere in our vast universe.  As science is quickly learning, there are countless habitable planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.  While there’s no way for science to definitively say that it is the case, it would be arrogant of us to believe that with so many other Earth-like planets out there, humans are the only intelligent race.  Starseeds know that some of these habitable planets actually do have other races of beings that inhabit them and many can even remember living on those planets in the past.  They might even remember cultures, customs, spiritual beliefs and practices, and once in awhile they can even remember their loved ones from those lifetimes spent on what is called their ‘home planet’ or ‘planet of origin’.

Ancient astronaut theorists have provided very convincing evidence over the years (including the Starchild Skull, the Baghdad battery,  Puma Punku, etc.) that some of these races may have visited in the past, and some of them continue to do so, which is a partial explanation for the UFO phenomena that has been recorded throughout history for many millennium.  Some ancient astronaut theorists believe there is sufficient enough evidence to prove that genetic alterations on the homo sapiens’ evolution line would explain the missing link.

For several generations, many people who believed themselves to be, or are believed by others to be Starseeds, have channeled messages, memories and visions of the many races that have lived and are believed to currently live in our vast universe.  To some, it may sounds like something straight out of Star Trek, Star Wars or some other science fiction story, however, the number of individuals with these memories and the details that seem to match from Starseeds around the world is impressive and is in the tens of thousands, at minimum, based on those publicly identifying themselves as such.  There seems to be some very clear similarities and for those with an open mind and a realization that often, science fiction ends up being or becomes science fact, it can be quite convincing.

According to Starseeds, some of the races are much more evolved in different ways than humans.  Some spiritually, some technologically, some both, and some in other ways in general.  Reportedly, many races have had the opportunity to meet one another and in doing so have traded certain technologies, created alliances and sadly, in some cases, created enemies.  While many of the advanced races are peaceful and loving spiritual beings, there are others with far more sinister intentions towards Earth and the rest of the Universe.  This may explain why so many Starseeds are present on Earth at this moment in time.  Is it too far fetched to believe that Starseeds are here to lead by example and teach traditional humans, and/or newer souls, and help them to evolve in ways that will help their society and themselves?  To many, this seems to be the case.

Meanwhile, as souls have passed on throughout the galaxy, they have come back in another lifetime, in another body,  here on Earth.  For those that are familiar with, and believers in, reincarnation, this isn’t so far fetched.  While they might be a very intellectual being, the process of death and rebirth along with ‘learning the ropes’ on a new planet, with a new civilization and in a new body will take time.  It might take them years, sometimes well past their adolescence, to realize who and what they are and even where they are from.   These people spend their whole lives longingly staring at the stars and some of them finding solace in only certain aspects of Earth.  For instance, Sirian Starseeds might find an affinity with water, specifically the oceans and the life within because of their own water dwelling civilization on their home planet.  Arcturians find comfort in deep, meaningful, intimate relationships because of the nature of their relationships on their home planet.  Pleiadians find comfort in agricultural and creative efforts.  The list goes on and on.

Most Starseeds will find that they have some sort of an ability or gift they brought with them in this lifetime.  These range from healing, intuition, leadership, teaching, scientific, mathematical abilities and so on.  It doesn’t make them super heroes.  It doesn’t make their lives easier.  To the contrary, normally these subtle differences about Starseeds have made them misunderstood pariahs among their peers, and sometimes their families.  Often times, they may feel like they simply don’t belong and, many Starseeds have been lost to suicide, substance abuse and other unhealthy coping mechanisms.  It can be a very difficult life, but it can also be a very wonderful and blessed life if they have the right support systems around them.

That is why there are other types of Starseeds, such as Starseed Davina, that are here to help.  They strive to guide and assist others in this journey and help them to find themselves and realize their abilities, as well as their reason for being here.  Along the way, they’re also able to help non-starseed humans find their direction and transform their lives through spiritual connection and a self awakening.  There’s something each of us is meant to accomplish in this lifetime here on Earth and sometimes it’s seemingly impossible to figure out, but that is part of our journey as well.   There are some important things to remember if you believe you are a Starseed:

* You chose this mission knowing the challenges and rewards you would be faced with.  You have free will, however, certain benchmarks were predetermined long before you arrived.  As difficult as it may be, know that once you are able to transcend the human ego, getting over the hurdles will become easier.  Find healthy means of doing this. * You agreed on where you would go and what you would do.  Now that you’re on this journey, you cannot back out. * If your mission isn’t completed before you leave Earth, you’ll only come back to do it all over again.  Suicide or avoidance are not the answer. * Your mission in this lifetime on Earth are never intended to be violent or deadly in nature. * Your missions in this lifetime on Earth are never intended to harm anyone. * Your missions are only intended to help the planet Earth and it’s inhabitants, Starseed or not. * If you feel things are becoming too overwhelming or lack the proper support system, Starseed Davina and others can help you.  Don’t give up!

In general, Starseeds are a special group of ‘people’ that are here because they chose to be here to accomplish a mission that is intended to help humanity on it’s quest to ascend like their Galactic brothers and sisters across the Universe.  They may be your neighbor, your minister, your doctor, maybe even someone in your family or one of your friends.  You might even be a Starseed!

Starseeds must choose their actions, goals, alliances, friendships, relationships and words very wisely.  When moving through this lifetime, it’s important to ensure that you are conducting yourself at the highest moral and ethical codes this world and your home world would call for, always for the better good of humanity.  Often times this means working tirelessly to raise your physical vibrations and studying and practicing as much as you can spiritually so you can transcend the human ego that resides in the lower level vibrations and frequencies and feeds on emotions such as sadness, depression, jealousy, self pity, arrogance and so forth.  Starseeds must work as hard as they can to find healthy outlets and support systems to avoid common human behaviors such as vengeance, violence, lust, greed, anger and other egoic and non-spiritual habits.

All people of Earth are learning and experiencing together, no matter how difficult your own personal journey is.  Don’t ever feel alone because you are not. There are now 7,000,000,000 people on the planet.  No matter how challenging and unique your experience or situation might be, you’re guaranteed to find someone whose experience is more challenging and it’s all a matter of perspective.  Reach out to any number of individuals that have come out of the Starseed closet if you feel alone.  While it is not impossible for a human to be comforting to a Starseed, it is unlikely they will have enough understanding to truly be able to support you in a means that is necessary but your community is here for you.  They love you and want to help you and sometimes, they’ll need your help too.

If you need assistance in any way, contact Starseed Davina to schedule a consultation.  Among the rest of her missions, she is here to help Starseeds adjust to life on Earth and decipher their Earth mission and find the best route to accomplishing it as well as dealing with other common Starseed problems and issues.

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