About Sirian Starseed Davina

shakti3Starseed Davina is a well-known mystic in the Starseed community. She remembers multiple past lives including those in other systems – she hails as a Star Mother from Sirius. Many starseeds identify with a recent transition to Earth – but Starseed has been here for a very long time. Her path of spiritual discovery led her to dedicate her entire life and Self to the conscious evolution and transformational movement, the Starseed community, and ultimately, to the one Universal Tribe. Her role is to share philosophy and practices that ease integration into this experience, to heal and activate healing, to encourage and guide ascension for all, and to help weave the tribes and bands of humanity together through vibrations of love and trust.

She believes in order to create a world that thrives for ALL people, it’s important that reach of us reaches for our highest purpose to create sustainable solutions for society’s ills.  She believes that bliss and love are natural states of existence, attainable by anyone willing to face and conquer their own egoic barriers and boldly stand in their own power, capable of speaking and acting upon their ultimate truths. It is her belief that the world can become more utopian than we can imagine at present if we individually and collectively embark on this path of spiritual growth and ascension. Starseed’s individual mission is to assist those who seek her out to look within themselves to find the answers they already hold within and learn to come from spirit, recognizing the divinity in everything and the perfection of every moment in their lives, no matter how jarring they may seem.  She leads by example, fearlessly living a life of bliss while pursuing only those things that serve her highest Self in Divine Union with her Twin Flame, Jai Amun Bhakti (aka JB) who she has a shared mission with.

Starseed has spent her whole life in spiritual pursuit and has spent approximately 23 years seeking the deeper truths found in numerous ancient paths and traditions, philosophies and practices.  She has crystallized methods of achieving this through experiential and academic investigations in anthropology, human history, spirituality, philosophy and other intensive topics.  She is particularly interested in areas of spiritual growth, ascension and Christ consciousness, reincarnation and past lives, Twin Flame and Soul Mate Unions/Reunions and sustainable global transformation in all areas of human existence.

In addition to other projects, such as The Universal Inspiration Project, Blisstival, and Earth Coherence, Starseed offers guidance and counsel in the form of intuitive spiritual coaching, counseling and soul healing alongside JB on a donation basis.  Although she has psychic and clairvoyant abilities and incorporates these into her practice, Starseed is not a ‘psychic reader’.  By many she is looked at as an oracle, divining wisdom for those who seek to ask the most empowering questions in search of assistance on their life path.  If you are prepared to step into your own truth, sessions with Starseed and JB will help you break free from your limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors and other unhealthy patterns that are holding you back. They are extremely old souls, embodying the archetypal energies of some of the most powerful feminine and masculine representations of all human history, yet use a gentle and caring approach to the destruction of egoic confines of the human psyche. If you are ready to create massive positive change in your life, please feel free to contact them to schedule an appointment for a session as soon as possible.

Starseed’s experience spans over 18 years and began with traditional psychic readings.  She later moved onto intuitive spiritual coaching.  You can read their testimonials and see if you feel called to speak with them.  If you are ready to transform your perceptions and understandings so that you can start living the life you desire and deserve, as well as connecting with your inner infinite divinity, now is the time and there’s no reason to wait.  You are worthy of bliss, love, abundance and anything else your Spirit truly desires, as well as being a part of humanity’s salvation.

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